Happy 25th Birthday Out of the Box!

Kangaroo Valley was the perfect idyllic setting for Out of the Box’s to celebrate 25 years of playback at our weekend retreat. Usually an annual event, this one was the first for 3 years due to fires, floods and Covid. Nestled beneath towering escarpments, whispering casuarinas and green paddocks, we gathered to connect and share stories. Accompanied by birdsong, the rushing river, frogs and the odd cow we practiced our art form, with kookaburras joining the musician at appropriate moments.

We explored themes of life and death, ageing, inclusivity, facing fears and being seen and heard. As we shared our human experiences, we rediscovered the power of metaphor. Throughout the weekend this axiom emerged: “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name.” Indeed, the world could use more truth right now.

As we improvised, we remembered and embraced the 3 pillars of playback: Theatre, Community and Ritual. We explored our spontaneity and creativity, preparing for our first live public performance for 2022. We are excited to be back on the boxes, performing for you on 23rd October 1pm at Flightpath Theatre in Marrickville. Hope to see you there!