About Playback

Has something ever happened to you where you would like to share your story with someone but didn’t have the opportunity? PlayBack Theatre gives you this opportunity.

Developed in the mid-70’s by Jonathan Fox, Playback combines elements from storytelling, pre-literary theatre and psychodrama. Since that time, it has found its way into hundreds of settings and locations in more than 20 countries.

In a Playback performance audience members choose to tell a moment or story from their experiences. It can be sad, funny, gutsy, hopeful, …light and tender as a feather …OR…as deep as a well …something that touched them in some way. The story is then played back by the performers, spontaneously re-creating peoples’ individual stories and life experiences through movement, mime, metaphor and music.

Playback is an exciting, creative tool for affirming what it is to be human, for healing, community-building and promoting personal, spiritual and social growth. Whether in theatres, workshops, educational, corporate or clinical settings, playback theatre draws people closer by celebrating personal stories, breaking down individual and group barriers, and rebuilding our common bonds of humanity.

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