Step 1 to Audition

What’s it take to be an Out of the Box Player?

Out of the Box Theatre Company is run by volunteers who perform for the love of it.  In addition to performing, they undertake a range of other administrative and artistic tasks.  While expenses are reimbursed performers don’t receive a wage.

Members must attend 80% of rehearsals. Out of the Box operates a program of continuous rehearsal/performance every 3 weeks from late January to mid-December. Rehearsal are of 3 hours duration on Sunday afternoons. Each rehearsal consists of a warm up and some Playback, with some rehearsals have a special focus eg feedback or targeted training. Every second rehearsal also has a business meeting, which requires an additional hour prior to rehearsal.

New members are subject to a probation period of one-rehearsal cycle. This allows both the group and new member a chance to work with one another and assess their mutual compatibility.  A buddy from within the troupe will be assigned to provide support during the probation period.

At the start of the probation period a new member is required to pay a one off membership fee of $100 to assist with insurance, venue hire, expenses, etc.

A new member does not perform publicly with the group during their probation. However new members are expected to participate fully in rehearsal activities which will include in-house performance.  At the end of the probation, a review will take place to consider the options and readiness for public performance.

Out of the Box does a lot of group process work. This is because working as a well-oiled team is essential to effective playback theatre.  Our group processes require participants to give and accept feedback, reflect and share about their own emotions and experiences.

If you think that you have what it takes to step Out of the Box then proceed to STEP 2 …>>

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