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What audience members say about our public performances.



A sensitive and sparkling performance. Entertaining and Inspiring.


Thank you for such an entertaining and thought provoking afternoon! It was an honour to have you play out my story – I gained so much from seeing my story performed in such an engaging, humorous and insightful way.  It reinforced to me the power performance can have in making audience members really consider their own lives and the way in which they choose to live.


A fantastic journey of spirit and emotion – personal yet universal. Thanks!


As a drama student myself, I learnt a great deal about the theatrical process and the power of working as a team, really listening to other performers, wholeheartedly accepting their offers, and performing with a kind of open-minded enthusiasm as to what you will discover during the creative process.


Exciting, lovely; Overcoming all obstacles.  Improvisations daring, saucy, engaging …  need I go on.






 Such talented performers – sheer magic.


Loved the various emotions that the stories evoked – the actors were marvellous – they picked up on so much from just a short description. It was a cathartic adventure!


This afternoon was fabulous, very uplifting and creative. 


I’m so inspired by the power of what you guys did/do – it seems deceptively ‘simple’ but brings the counsellor/counsellee ‘secret healing’ out of the office and into the public sphere, where we see we’re not alone with our ‘stuff’. Very insightful, moving, transcendent interpreting – WOW!!!


Thank you for the insightful, touching and humorous performances. 



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