Audience 11

Thank you for the insightful, touching and humorous performances. 

Audience 10

I’m so inspired by the power of what you guys do – it seems deceptively ‘simple’.  Very insightful, moving, transcendent interpreting – WOW!!!

Audience 9

This afternoon was fabulous, very uplifting and creative. 

Audience 8

Loved the various emotions that the stories evoked – the actors were marvellous – they picked up on so much from just a short description. It was a cathartic adventure!

Audience 7

Watching Out of the Box Theatre is like an intravenous shot of vitality. As I walked out I felt alive, buzzing. It is marvellous that a group such as this exists, that it has been existing for many years and will keep existing if we can appreciate their courage and skill.

Audience 5

Exciting, lovely; Overcoming all obstacles.  Improvisations daring, saucy, engaging …  need I go on.

Audience 2b

[Your enactment] reinforced to me the power performance can have in making audience members really consider their own lives and the way in which they choose to live.

Audience 4

As a drama student myself, I learnt a great deal about the theatrical process and the power of working as a team, really listening to other performers, wholeheartedly accepting their offers, and performing with a kind of open-minded enthusiasm as to what you will discover during the creative process.

Audience 3

A fantastic journey of spirit and emotion – personal yet universal. Thanks!