Hatch your creativity!

Rockdale Town Hall 10/Dec/2014 - 2

I’m still buzzing with energy from this International Day of Disability event at Rockdale Town Hall on 10 December 2014. As you can see from the attached photos, we had a blast of a time performing for the amazing people involved in disability services in the southern Sydney region. Rockdale Town Hall 10/Dec/2014 - 1

Audience members told us about their experiences of creativity, supplying the material for OOTB to improvise creatures and stories full of passion – whether it was the teller’s love of animals, acting, scriptwriting, soccer or fast food.

The Town Hall was filled with creative energy – from the wonderful wheelchair dancers of WALCA to Shopfront’s fantastic dance ensemble, the very gifted Sunnyhaven musicians and singers, and two extremely talented solo dance and hip-hop performers.

Rockdale Town Hall 10/Dec/2014 - 4I have absolute admiration for the Hatch Creative Circle and others who helped these emerging artists channel and express their creativity. I was inspired by all of the performers and felt honoured to be on the bill with such wonderfully gifted people!

Rockdale Town Hall 10/Dec/2014 - 2


If only the money-making machine OOTB created during the show could be realised and put to work providing ongoing support for these disability services!