The gift of giving

A playback performance is often described as ‘an act of service’.  For the teller to have their story or moment enacted back to them can be a validating and rewarding experience; and at times giving us glimpses into ourselves that we may not as yet identified.
… at rehearsal some months ago I shared my ‘story’ to the OOTB troupe that my hopes of travelling to Ireland to perform with the Peace Angels was not financially possible.  I was disappointed at that thought but it was in the telling that I realised just how disappointed I was.  My colleagues gave this moment of truth back to me and as they did I shed some tears of regret.  Then a true act of service emerged as one of our troupe suggested we run the next gig as a Fundraiser to help me get to Ireland.
Over 40 people attend the Roxbury on the 3rd August to see the show and brought with them precious jewels from their lives with their stories and moments.  Together we laughed, felt the joy, the humour, the sorrow and trepidations in an others heart as they offered up their stories.  By the end of the night guests talked of being connected and of the magic that happened ‘before our eyes’ as the stories unfolded on stage. ‘How do you do that?’ was the question on many guest lips.
For myself I offer heartfelt thanks for the amazingly generous gifts offered for the Silent Auction and to my talented and big-hearted troupe…thanks to this event I now have my ticket for Ireland.
The Peace Angels is a Transformational Theatre Company that through their performance reminds us of the beauty within and to hold Peace and Hope in our hearts…we are not alone. For more information go to

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