Playback Rocks

None was the precise number of times I was going to be Laurence Olivier when I grew up. Being an actor was in the same category as working with the Komodo dragons in the animal pit at one of the Triad-run illegal casino in Shanghai. Planet To-Be-Or-Not-To-Be was further out than Uranus, and we all know how far out that is.

Perhaps turning 40 hatched a Ridley Scott Alien inside my brain that chew its way to my legs and caused them to stand up in front of crowds … well, more than 8 people … and indulge some in very un-respectable member of the establishment behaviours.

Leg-chewer or otherwise, thank god for that Alien! For the past 20 years I have had a community that has sustained and enlivened me. And for the past 20 years I have had a practice that has deepened my engagement with myself and the world and that has literally changed who I am.

Who would have thought that Komodo Dragon wrangling on Uranus could have been such a life-changing experience.