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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!   Out of the Box Theatre Company launches its blog on our homepage.  Expect to see regular postings from our troupe members here.   To narrow your search of our blog entries select from a category or the author name on a blog entry or a category on the side bar.

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Musicians wanted Sydney theatre …

Playback Theatre is improvised theatre where audience members are invited to tell stories from their own lives, which are then re-enacted on the spot through words, movement and sound.

Out of the Box Theatre is a Sydney based playback company which has been performing for 15 years (  We are looking to form a collaboration with musicians who want to explore and develop their performance skills in an improvised theatrical context.  ‘Being a playback musician is as much about listening for the heart of a story as it is about performing skills’.  You will need to be skilled, open to working in new ways and willing to contribute to company life.

We are a voluntary community organisation and, while we cannot offer you riches, we can offer you the richness of learning and exploring together. Contact us  for this fascinating, rewarding musician’s job in Sydney.

Rehearsals are Monday 7:15 to 9.15pm in Darlington.

Contact us for this fascinating, rewarding musician’s job in Sydney … Questions ? email us ! …